Crooms Transportation

Our transportation company has been around for years now. We do everything that relates to transportation and love every last bit of it. It is really good for our company because we have been able to develop a really good standing with most of our customers. The really cool and unique thing about our company is that we don’t just do transportation. We are also one of the very best moving companies in the area. Moving is something that we added onto our company and it has really helped us to add a better group of people to work with. Between the limo party bus portion and the moving part of our company, we have grown into a really big and successful company. We used to just be a limo company and gave rides to people but we all decided that we were going to be bigger than that.


The more we thought about it, the more we decided that we needed to add stuff to our transportation business. And if you really think about it, Moving is part of the transportation business so it ends up working out really well in the end. We can help you move from point A to Point B in a ton of style. The more you use our company to either give you rides in our limos or use our moving service, the better off you are going to be with deals. We try to give our customers the very best deals on the market. We have all sorts of limos for you to either rent or for you to hire us with. One of the really cool limo party buses that we have is the coolest one on the market. We invested a ton of money in it and it is one of the best ones we have ever seen. Limos are super cool and a great way of transportation. If you ever need one, then we highly suggest that you consider hiring us. We have a really good team of drivers on call ready to answer your call. We are a locally owned and operated company that has been in business for over 25 years. We love all sorts of things that have to do with transportation and your business is really going to help us out down the road.


Moving onto the other side of our business, there is no distance that is too far for us. We have invested a ton into this section of our company and it is slowly becoming the best part we have. We’re easily one of the best moving companies in the area and have a really good staff on hand ready to go. The sooner you call our company the sooner we can get you to your next location. Give us a chance to be the movers for your next move and you won’t be let down. It is a known fact that we know how to work and will get the job done correctly right away.

What to Do If the Car Body Repair Work Done on Your Lorry Are Not Satisfactory?

When it comes to having your vehicle repaired, especially to having the automobile body repaired, you would always want your car to look terrific. Nevertheless, at times, the vehicle body repair done on your car may not be acceptable or at least not as good as what you had expected. What can you perform on such an occasion? Should you keep quiet and accept the unacceptable repair job done on your automobile? No, you need not simply accept the bad repair work without taking any action.

Following are specific actions that you must follow if you are unhappy with the repair job done by the auto body shop:

Action 1: Speak with the manager or the shop-owner of the auto body store you are dealing with, and discuss your problem with them coolly and honestly. As the majority of automobile body stores count on word of mouth, it is extremely likely that your issue will be figured out at this step itself. All you need to do is explain clearly exactly what you believe is not fixed effectively and what needs to be repaired. In case, the manager or the shop-owner fails to help you, carry on to Step 2.

Action 2: Discover if there is anyone at a post higher than the manager.

If yes, get a consultation fixed with the greater authorities of that car body shop. Speak to them directly if possible; otherwise just send them an e-mail explaining your problems. If this solution likewise does not work, attempt the next step.

Action 3: Send a formal written complaint regarding the unacceptable services to the customer welfare government office. If the vehicle body store you are handling belongs of online portals, such as the ‘Better Business Bureau’, you can publish your problem with them online to make it public.

Hence, instead of accepting a repair that is just not right, it is wise to take proper actions as noted above. As is popularly stated, “Avoidance is better than Treatment”, it is always better to avoid any such event by making certain you are dealing with a reputed, reliable auto body shop working in your location. Looking for the best Sterling Heights Collision Shop In Michigan? Check this page now.